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Introducing Rendezvous

RendezVous, the dream that came true. What separates RendezVous from your everyday barbershop? In order to find the answer, we need to go back in time to when RendezVous was simply an idea. At only 21 years old, Mustafa Ghassan the CEO and founder of RendezVous opened their flagship location in Toronto on March 9th 2017. The following year, a second and third location were opened in downtown Toronto. Ever since, the company has grown exponentially and has become a leading hair salon in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Our accelerated growth is a testament to our high quality of staff and services. We pride ourselves on delivering absolute perfection and excellence down to every snip, buzz, spray, comb, and conversation. Our 5-Star average rating on Google is the evidence to our claims.

Up until about 2015, the barbershop industry had remained practically unchanged for the past 4000 years.

Fast forward to 2021, and everything has changed. Nearly every industry has been rapidly evolving through technological advancements. We are no different. We have optimized our booking and customer service processes by utilizing technology software’s such as Booksy, Square, and other forms of cloud based appointment systems. We have also established a strong social media following which RendezVous believes is absolutely fundamental to success in this tech driven era. What excites us the most is that we have hardly even scratched the surface of news that’s in our pipeline such as utilizing block-chain technology for transactions, bookings, business management, and even empowering new barbers to start their own businesses with our new industry disrupting technology currently in development.

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Fast forward some more and we arrive at present day. A Covid-19 world most of us are still not completely used to. Covid-19 hit the service industry arguably harder than many other industries. However, we believe within every adversity lies an opportunity.

We seized this opportunity by implementing even better, faster, and safer processes to optimize operations. Some examples of our innovation include implementing contactless booking appointments through texts, automating and answering inquiries or concerns through text, and launching our RendezVous Kit. Every single one of our innovations and new processes are engineered around two primary principles;

customer service and customer satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that from the moment you step into RendezVous, to the moment you step out, you leave feeling, thinking, and looking better. We achieve this goal by holding weekly training sessions, actively asking for feedback on social media, offering complimentary coffee, hair washes, hot towels, and so much more.

RendezVous has accomplished more in 4 years than most barber shops accomplish in a lifetime. The scary part?

We are just getting started.

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