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Toronto-based barbershops specializing in The Latest Modern short hair styles.

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Graham Robb

I've been to Daniel 3 times, and everytime he gives me an awesome cut. He's a highly skilled barber who does great fades. Come here and you won't regret it.

Nik Khakhar

If I could give 10 stars, I would. I've been going to Rendezvous since at least the past 5 years, and every haircut and beard trim I've received has been immaculate. The barbers take every step meticulously with no rush, and with amazing service. Shoutout to Saif - he's not just a barber, he's an artist.

Rennel Ricketts

All the barbers I've tried here are very good. They are clean, on time, and cut very detailed. They do not rush your haircut which I really appreciate. They take care in their work and you leave happy. I recently booked with Ammar and Sam and both of them did an amazing job. They are doing a great service and taking precautions in this pandemic.

Brennan Callahan

I walked in 5 minutes before my appointment, was immediately seated, and was given a fantastic haircut. Johny was excellent, and spent the time to really help shape my hair in a way my previous barber neglected to. It felt like a really detailed and we'll done haircut. On top of that, I was in and out of the chair in about 20 minutes. Despite not talking much, I still felt comfortable and was very happy with the result.

Jason Smith

My new fav haircut place! The shop is clean, new equipment, and has a good vibe. I personally went to Jay after hearing good things about him from my friend and other reviews here. I know i got a good haircut as I have been getting compliments. Will be going back for more haircuts!

CN Blackwell

Was booked with Jay. He was friendly and professional. He recommended a new hairstyle that I love. Price is comparable to any established barbershop and salon - place was clean and played good upbeat music.

Kyle Fredericks

For the better part of two years I went to a new barber every month and then landed on this place, I tried a few others after but always make my way back here, out of maybe 30 other places in a 20kn radius I just cannot get a better cut, really amazing work here

Randy Persaud

I live downtown and usually go to Rendevous on Wellington but I was in Scarborough this weekend and went to this location. Sab was great. Very professional, patient and accommodating. Did a great job with my ling hair trimn and undercut fade. I will definitely be going back to get my hair cut by him!

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