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Rendezvous Kit

When the pandemic struck, the team got together to figure out how to keep everyone as safe as possible while still delivering excellent service. We quickly realized certain items that our barbers use are unable to be sanitized thoroughly and entirely. We also realized that Covid-19 could be the first of many future viruses and diseases that make it difficult for barbers to do their job safely.

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We came to the conclusion that the only way to achieve the highest level of hygiene and safety protocol is to develop a kit that includes every tool the barbers use, which customers can own. By owning your own tools, you not only protect your own health and safety but the barber's as well.

Two Rendezvous brushes on a black table

This is how the Rendezvous Kit was born. The Kit contains 14 items including a razor, brushing comb, cape, face mask, hair duster, 8 clipper guards, beard brush, round brush, towel, and leather over the shoulder bag. A kit designed to keep you safe and fresh.

In combination with our new digital booking protocols, we are fully committed to ensuring the health and safety of all our clients. We recognize that going back to pre-pandemic life will take a long time and we don’t want to be lagging behind but rather getting ahead of the curve. We strongly believe that it is in the best interest of all personal care providers to implement some form of preventative measures for clients. For Rendezvous, this means making sure that no one is ever afraid to go get a haircut.

Barbershop kit with towel, combs, clippers and brushes on a black background

The kit is unique because it serves multiple purposes. Although it was primarily designed as a safety item, it can also be used for casual and everyday use. The high quality leather shoulder bag is a stylish accessory that you can take to work. You can also use the kit to learn how to cut and style hair yourself. With all the key items included, we empower anyone willing to become the next best barber and maybe even join our team.

We strongly believe that with the introduction of the RendezVous Kit into the personal care services market, we will have a strong and long lasting impact on the industry as a whole.

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