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Top haircuts for older men

Getting older is all about finding style choices that comfortably work for you. After all, you probably won’t be wearing skinny jeans and graphic t-shirts at 40 — but that’s also probably for the best. Instead of chasing trends, it pays to focus on style choices that are iconic and accentuate your maturity, rather than picking up on new styles that will pass after a few years’ time.

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That’s especially true for hairstyles, which get trickier as you get older. Maybe you’re experiencing changes such as a loss of hair fullness, or maybe you simply don’t have enough time to properly style your hair because of family, work and the pressures of modern life. Whatever the case, learning to work with the challenges of this phase of life can help you stay sharp without sacrificing all your time to hairstyle maintenance. 

So: without further ado, let’s take a look at the top haircuts for men 35 and up. 

1. Classic Short

We’d be remiss if we didn’t start this list with a classic, no-nonsense look that works for all men. This is the “leading man” look you’re used to seeing on stars like Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford and more. Keep the sides very close-cropped to the head and let the top grow out just a bit for added definition. The benefit of this style? You don’t have to spend much time getting ready in the morning. No matter how you roll out of bed, the classic short look will suit you. 

Side view of senior man with stylish beard

2. Layered Length

While there’s nothing wrong with a straightforward, short haircut, a longer style can add definition to an already well-put-together look. This is especially true if you’ve had longer hair in the past and it worked for you. However, unlike past looks, be sure to keep your length above the shoulders (a dirty rocker look doesn’t really hold water as you transition to middle age). Ask your stylist to add layers, too — that’ll prevent your long locks from falling flat on your head.   

Portrait of a thoughtful bearded businessman who is sitting on a vintage box

3. Shaved Head

Most men with thinning hair hang onto what’s left until it turns unsightly. The problem is, many men see baldness as a step backward, when in reality a shaved head is an extremely popular and attractive style. On top of serving as a great look for many famous celebrities — including The Rock and Vin Diesel — going shaved means less upkeep and maintenance going forward. 

shaved headOld Men Portrait

4. Natural Waves 

This is a variation of the long-on-top look popular among many young men. If your hair is naturally curled or wavy, you’ll benefit from going with a haircut that’s closely trimmed on the sides while leaving lots of volume and curls on top. It may even help you to invest in styling products to really bring out a messy, laid-back look. 

Portrait of dolorous bearded man at studio

5. Textured Volume

This style is all about letting your barber take your hair and give it as much texture as possible. When you ask for a texturized look, your stylist will give it a nice, full look that stands without requiring much product. This look works especially well for men with very thick, coarse hair. If your hair is very fine, thinning or doesn’t hold much volume on its own, this look probably isn’t your best bet. 

Handsome senior man in tweed costume smoking pipe

6. Styled Quiff

Otherwise known as the “Superman” cut, the styled quiff works because it’s classic while also offering definition to an otherwise normal cut. For this look, you’re going to want to ask for short sides and a long top. You’ll then want to style the top so that it looks swept up. You’ll get the best of both worlds here: an easy-to-create look that gives off the appearance of an intensely styled cut.  

Studio shot of bearded man pensive looking at camera

7. Crew Cut

Here’s the thing: a crew cut might seem simple and un-stylish, but it speaks volumes when paired with a great outfit and beard. If you’re looking to embrace a high-class style or an unusual facial hair look, the best idea is to keep your hair simple, honest and straightforward. This will in turn draw attention to the features you want people to hone in on most — your face, beard, mustache, wardrobe or otherwise.  

 Thoughtful businessman standing against wall

Long, short or shaved, honing your style pays off

Getting older means making the most of the hairstyle choices that look best on you. This is a good thing — unlike your days of questionably-styled teenaged past, you’re no longer going to do something drastic like buzzing your head or bleaching your locks on a whim. Instead, being intentional about your hairstyle and finding a look that brings out your features will help you stay confident and composed despite the busy reality of modern life. 

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