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Innovation - The Key to Success In A Pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic has forced every industry and business to adapt, fast. What was once a simple service, now had numerous additional measures needed to achieve the same outcome. In our case, we were forced to add additional PPE for all staff including face masks, face shields, hand sanitizer, as well as many others.

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This meant both an increase in expenses and service protocols. For example, no more waiting area, no more coming to the shop with your friend or significant other, no standard walk-ins, limited availability for appointments, and this was just the start. Everytime a new restriction was announced there were new protocols to follow. If a lockdown was announced, our stores would have to shut down completely.

Then when a lockdown ended we would have to prepare for reopening and adding additional safety measures. This was extremely challenging for the barbers and the customers as well. Although we received countless praise for our safety protocols, and were even shouted out on the local news, we still were not satisfied with how well we could do things.

Innovation has always been a large differentiating factor when it comes to being ahead in the business world. Now more than ever, the pandemic is forcing businesses to incorporate innovation into their business plans to ensure they not only survive but thrive during these challenging times.

Innovation is a broad term but how it relates to business is thinking of new and improved ways of solving a problem. For example, how can we still cut everyones hair timely and safely? For Rendezvous the answer to this question was ;

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go digital. What we mean by go digital is simple, we created a process whereby everything from the appointment booking details down to the payment could all be done online before you ever enter the shop. In addition, we created a new automated system to help customers with any questions or concerns they had. All they had to do was choose the shop location they visit, text the shop's phone number with their question, and would receive a reply instantly. Our goal with this method was two folded. We wanted first and foremost to ensure the absolute highest level of safety measures and health & hygiene protocols, as well as transition our customers into a digital future.

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The covid-19 pandemic has shown the whole world that although challenging at first, it is very possible to carry out many tasks and fill employee positions without ever having to leave your home. We believe this new digital future is here to stay and only in its infancy. This future was inevitable, Covid-19 just accelerated the speed in which industry’s and practically the entire globe would shift to. Innovation for us does not stop there, we took numerous other steps and launched a new campaign for our RendezVous Kit which shows another side of our innovative projects.

To learn more about how the RendezVous Kit will revolutionize the barber industry, check out our blog called Rendezvous kit.

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