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Five Star Barber Shop Tips: 13 Beard Styles for 2022

What is it about the beard that continues to make it a staple in men’s fashion? While the popularity of the beard as a fashion statement has varied over the years, there has always been a large number of men that continue to wear their beards proudly, regardless of the beards fashion status. Is it the fact that beards are so varied and come in so many shapes and sizes that some form of a beard will suit any face type? Do men like the fact that they can look both rugged or sophisticated by simply styling their facial hair? Maybe they are men of simple taste and love the functionality of their beards?

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What Does Your Beard Say About You?

Regardless of the reasons why they choose to grow their facial hair, the beard is one of the most versatile and beloved forms of personal expression for men. Five-star barbershops are always working to care for and style all types of beards, goatees and mustaches. Since a beard can work for any man, at any time, the question then becomes, “What is the best beard for me?”

Your beard can say a lot about you. For you to get the best advice, stop by your local five-star barbershop and they should be able to give you some pointers. Until you can talk to your barber, here are 17 beard and facial hairstyles that you can wear confidently into 2022.

Five-Star Barbershops Top Beards in 2022

Long Beards

When people think of a long beard, a long and unruly mane of facial hair is sometimes what they picture. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While it is true that you can rock a completely untamed and wild bushman beard, this isn’t very common. A long beard can look and feel both rugged and classy, depending on how it is styled. 

If you are a man that wants to venture into long beard territory, remember this: be patient! It takes time to grow a majesticly long beard. Having a five-star barber to guide you in your journey is a great help as they can suggest the best products and care tips for your beard. What are some of the most popular long beard styles? 

The Natural

long-bearded businessman with short hair looking at the camera

The Tweard

long-bearded old man with gray hair looking at the camera

The Yeard

Young handsome bearded man while standing against grey background

Short Beards

For the newcomer to beards, the short beard is the easiest path. Sometimes, you end up with the stubble beard out of sheer laziness but to make a statement with your short beard, you will want to be a bit more intentional. 

Keeping your stubble trimmed and well-kept is the key to elevating your look from that of a couch-surfing bum to that of an intentional and purposeful man on a mission. Growing from a stubble to a longer but still short beard takes some waiting but the results are worth it. 

If you have access to a five-star barbershop, you can get your barber to style you any number of looks that can suit your style and physique. Work in an office and need to keep it professional? The corporate beard could be just what you are looking for. Looking to make more of a statement and yet still maintain that youthful look? A chin beard may be what you need. Feeling like you are ready for a more dignified and full-bearded (but not quite long beard) look? The Ducktail and Balboa would do the trick. For almost every style and taste, there is a short beard out there to match it. 

A close-up dramatic portrait of a young serious guy, musician, singer,rapper with a beard and arms crossed on his chest

Stubble Beards

Shaved man with bristle

Corporate Beard

Portrait of a handsome bearded young man

The Ducktail

Handsome groom looking forward seriously

The Balboa

Young man in a suit sleeps


If there is a beard style that screams youthful energy and power, it’s the goatee. One of the major benefits of a goatee is the growing time. Many men can grow a full goatee in the span of a few weeks. The shorter growing time is slightly offset by the higher level of maintenance but the goatees dynamic look makes up for its maintenance needs.

It may be tempting to consider a goatee not worthy of your barbers’ attention but don’t fall into that trap. Taking care of yourself (and your goatee) at a five-star barbershop is recommended, no matter the beard type, for the best facial hair results. Check out these goatee styles and choose the right one for you in 2022.

Young man in jacket and sweater looking at camera against black background

The Circle Beard

Man portrait with a rounded goatee and ear ring

The Anchor

bearded man with red headband, black background

The Chevron

Handsome young curly man sincerely praying. religion concept

The Van-Dyke

Portrait of brutal bearded man with a mustache

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